Experience the excellence of our unique charcoal specialties with carefully selected (dry-aged) meats and more

We are Stoked

Burning SINCE MARCH 2024

At STOKED, the fire is blazing! We are full of passion for good and delicious food. Have a warm heart for every guest. So come in and get comfortable. Experience the welcome. Sink your teeth into our dry-aged meat, laugh with each other (and with us) and enjoy. We will make your evening special.

We can't wait to give you an unforgettable evening!

Are you as STOKED as we are?

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What makes us better.

What's STOKED?

At Stoked, the focus is on the art of grilling. Our chefs are true masters who work with passion and precision. The grill is not just another cooking technique at Stoked; it is a celebration of flavor and texture, with each dish bearing the unique signature of our kitchen.

Dry-aged Beef

We age some of our meat ourselves in our dry-aged cabinets. This unique aging method ensures that the taste experience is intense and the structure becomes extra tender. We are happy to tell you more about it!


Our Wagyu, a culinary gem, is the ultimate in sophistication in steak experience. Known for its rich marbling and unmatched tenderness, this exclusive selection undergoes a careful aging process to enhance its unique flavor profile.

Wine & mEat

We understand that the right wine is as important as the dish itself. Our carefully selected wine collection is curated to match the rich flavors of our specialties. Get advice or choose a wine yourself. There are around fifty wines on the menu.

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Dinner experience


The experience at Stoked goes beyond food. Our dedicated and friendly staff makes every guest feel special. We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

Private Dining

For parties of 13 or more we have several packages and a separate room


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opening hours

Wednesday through Sunday
from 17:00


Kapelstraat 15, Uden
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Kapelstraat 75-123, Uden
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