Private Dining

Plan your stoked dining

exclusive dining

Dining at STOKED is ideal for larger parties. With more than 12 people we welcome you in our private dining room. Here you can go from 13 to about 30 people.

The space is exclusively for your party.

If you are with a different number, feel free to contact us as well.


Shared dining

Our shared dining concept lends itself perfectly to your party. We serve the dishes in the middle of the table, allowing you to sample multiple dishes throughout the evening. Showcasing the beautiful large cuts of meat we serve with the main course.

Private dining


So are you still looking for a nice place for your family dinner, outing with friends group or corporate dinner. Or do you have something to celebrate. Get in touch ( with us and we will be happy to tell you what the possibilities are.

STOKED set table to fit at least 20 people